Advanced Path Book Club

By invitation only…

  • Are you bored with the hamster-wheel of “spiritual experience”?
  • Are you ready to make quantum leaps in your practice?
  • Do you believe in enlightenment, and are you committed to your awakening?
  • Do you want to get unstuck, be inspired, go deeper, and do the real work of fully waking up?
  • Are you are ready for a radical shift into unchartered territory?

Join this master class and book club!

You will be guided by the author of the Advanced Path book series through ancient teachings and the study of both contemporary and classic books that cut through the dogma and point directly to Reality. While the class will touch on themes from the Advanced Path books, you will be presented with new (ancient) material and a fresh set of books that will support your journey.

The adventure includes:

  • Two 60-minute classes a month for 3 months (September through November 2018, 6 classes total) on Tuesday evenings – call in from the comfort of your own home or listen to the recording later
  • Weekly emails with inspiration, prompts for inquiry, or practical action
  • Book recommendations as part of monthly study

The class topics are:

  1. Change your outcomes by disrupting what is “true”
    • How to disrupt your assumptions, patterns & habituations
    • Understanding the limitations of the mind in order to discover Mind
  2. Loosening the grip of space-time to awaken outside the dream
    • Changing the future by changing the past
    • The “rules” of engagement (and how to break the rules)
  3. Breaking the prism of perception
    • The mirrorball of perception
    • Ending the cycle of self-reflection
  4. The secret of Buddha Mind
    • The quality-less, pure Mind
    • The singular spiritual brilliance
  5. The nature of enlightenment
    • What it takes to recognize your enlightenment
    • The arc of awakening and the ultimate resolution of universal divinity
  6. Meeting Reality
    • The end of conditionality
    • Beyond philosophy to direct experience as Reality

Your investment:

The program is offered on a sliding scale with pay what you can options available:

  • $300/month (total $900) or
  • $150/month (total $450) or
  • $75/month (total $225)

The first installment is due upon registration to hold your place, followed by two equal payments on the first of October and the first of November.  

Space is limited.  If your heart says YES, please contact us to register.  

Registration closes on August 31. The first book club selection will be shared at the beginning of September, and the first class is on Tuesday, September 11th.

We welcome referrals to your friends who you feel will resonate with this offering! Please contact us before forwarding this invitation.