Be the Mystery – New Book Release!

Enlightenment is a mystery, but becoming enlightened is not a mystery. There is a very clear and precise process for waking up and becoming fully enlightened. When you become aware of the secret teachings that reveal this process and commit yourself to them, awakening unfolds organically, like the petals of a flower that open in the light of the sun.

Be the Mystery is your guide to becoming fully enlightened. Advanced instruction is an entirely different body of knowledge from earlier practice. The advanced teachings are traditionally only shared privately with the most senior students, because you have to have advanced awareness to understand them. For the first time, the secret teachings for the entire journey to full enlightenment are being disclosed to anyone who wants them. If you’re ready, ride the current of freedom contained within the pages of this book.  It has the power to wake you up and carry you Home.

Be the Mystery: Secret Teachings for Spiritual Liberation and Fully Integrated Enlightenment is available on, and internationally at Amazon CAUK, FR and DE.

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