The Three Jewels of Awakening – New Release!

The core components of the pathway to spiritual freedom—the teacher, the teachings, and students—are a trinity of precious jewels that hold the keys to awakening. By engaging with the three jewels as sacred treasures, every step of the journey becomes holy. Spiritual teachers and their students can use The Three Jewels of Awakening to better understand their role and obligations in the sacred dance of spiritual learning and awakening: to get more out of the journey, to understand the etiquette of the relationship, to keep the trinity in harmony, and to protect what is precious. When the three jewels are in balance, they promote the advancement, happiness, and well-being of everyone involved.

The Teacher: discover the different types of teachers, the gifts and responsibilities of teaching, and the tools and special powers of an advanced spiritual teacher.

The Teachings: learn the core teachings in beginning, intermediate, and advanced practice, and the criteria for transition between each stage of advancement.

The Student(s): understand the role of the student, finding a qualified teacher, dealing with spiritual tests, tasks, and difficulties, the blessings and challenges of being part of a spiritual community, and how to leave gracefully.

The Three Jewels of Awakening: A Handbook for Spiritual Teachers and Their Students is available on, and internationally at Amazon CAUK, FR and DE.

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