What is Consciousness?

From the book: From Here to Nowhere: A Spiritual Journey into the Unknown by Mu

Reality can only be met directly. Another description for Reality is pure consciousness. Consciousness has no qualities at all, no way that you can describe it, except by saying what it is not. You can’t even say that consciousness is unity or oneness, because it is not divisible in any way.

Whatever state, experience, or apparent condition arises, it is all happening within consciousness. It is only when you become attached to what is arising—or to what isn’t arising—that conditionality occurs and you separate yourself from pure consciousness. The dream of the world recreates itself in every moment. You have the option to not grasp it, and instead, let everything come and go within consciousness.

What arises within consciousness is not consciousness itself. Consciousness cannot be defined by the various ways that it manifests. It is infinite potentiality that doesn’t become anything. Or we can say that it is already part of everything and therefore has no particular form. It is an immensity of silence with no content at all.

The enlightened are not perturbed by conditions arising. It is understood that what arises is happening within consciousness, not separate from it, therefore, the enlightened are at ease. There is no sense that conditions that appear to arise need to be resolved or given any attention whatsoever. It is not necessary to categorize or qualify what arises. There is no need to explain it away—for example, to say that it is all divinity—and no need to turn away from it. When you are consciousness, the worlds of experience are irrelevant; you don’t need to account for them at all. Everything is understood and directly experienced as consciousness.

Excerpted from From Here to Nowhere: A Spiritual Journey into the Unknown © 2019 Mu.

Mu is the author of four books about the direct path of awakening. From Here to Nowhere accelerates awakening and the deepening into full enlightenment, and is available on Amazon.com, CAUK, FR and DE.  Transcending the Advanced Path, a detailed exploration of the shift from realization to full enlightenment, is available on Amazon.com, UKCAFR and DEWalking the Advanced Path, a clear guide for how to navigate the pathway to enlightenment with responsibility, awareness, and grace, is available at Amazon.com, UK, CA, FR and DE. Songs for the Advanced Path is a collection of lyrical verses about the journey to liberation, available at Amazon.com, CAUKFR and DE.

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