Spiritual Seeking

From the book: From Here to Nowhere: A Spiritual Journey into the Unknown by Mu

You must first become separate from something in order to seek it. It’s a false separation, of course, but it changes how you relate to your own natural state of enlightenment. The minute you look outside of yourself, or even if you try to find a particular location inside yourself, the moment you look away from what is already abiding right here, right now, is the moment that you are disconnected from Buddha Mind. This means that you cannot attain enlightenment. Discovering Buddha Mind is not an attainment. It is not something that you can achieve. There is nothing to attain. That is just more seeking, which reinforces separation. It’s a great tragedy, actually. People are seeking oneness and unity, but the very act of seeking is to become separate from wholeness. It is to find the exact opposite of what is being sought.

Think about all of the ways that you seek, where you move away from stillness and silence. Seeking means that you are looking for a condition or state other than what is already present. The seeking of the body desires pleasure and tries to escape pain, or perhaps there is criticism of the body and a yearning for it to look or be different than it is. The seeking of connection longs for union with another being. The seeking of energy covets energetic experiences and the rush of kundalini. There is the seeking of knowledge and various forms of ambition. There is even seeking in meditation practice that aims to get something out of it, to get “results” from time on the cushion. There are innumerable forms of seeking. Pay attention to the overt and subtle ways that you are seeking. Then consider how that’s working out for you.

Suffering is to want something other than what is. This doesn’t mean that you are a blob that makes no effort and wants nothing. You can accept what is here now, completely and without conditions, while still being open to what life may reveal to you. Accepting what is brings both peace and contentment in this moment, as well as an openness to what may change at any moment. You can be engaged with life without striving or attachment. This is happiness and balance.

Excerpted from From Here to Nowhere: A Spiritual Journey into the Unknown © 2019 Mu.

Mu is the author of four books about the direct path of awakening. From Here to Nowhere accelerates awakening and the deepening into full enlightenment, and is available on Amazon.com, CAUK, FR and DE.  Transcending the Advanced Path, a detailed exploration of the shift from realization to full enlightenment, is available on Amazon.com, UKCAFR and DEWalking the Advanced Path, a clear guide for how to navigate the pathway to enlightenment with responsibility, awareness, and grace, is available at Amazon.com, UK, CA, FR and DE. Songs for the Advanced Path is a collection of lyrical verses about the journey to liberation, available at Amazon.com, CAUKFR and DE.

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