Change Your Future by Changing Your Past

From the recently released book: From Here to Nowhere: A Spiritual Journey into the Unknown by Mu

Everything you do, everything you think, and all of your experience is grounded in your identities and assumptions. These assumptions and default behaviors have led to experiences that make up your past. This includes your past experiences in this lifetime, as well as all of the patterns from previous lifetimes—those multi-life etchings that create ruts in the road of experience. The outcome of these experiences comprises a body of knowledge, which is what you’ve learned to be “true.” This body of knowledge is a type of memory that comes from the past and has a limited set of outcomes. It’s limited, because knowledge creates a bias and a boundary for everything you believe and do.

Your mind uses this knowledge and these past experiences to create your future. It does this by constantly reacting from the place of your assumptions and prior experiences. Using what it knows from experience, which is inherently limited, it lets your past create predetermined outcomes in your future. Using your past to influence your present moment is entirely reflexive, and you are simply responding over and over again to what your past assumptions and experiences tell you. It’s a never-ending cycle, and nothing much changes unless you disrupt the process through investigating what is real and releasing those assumptions.

When you change your assumptions, or eliminate them entirely, you change your past. In other words, by changing the basis for your fundamental thinking and behavior, you literally recast the past. You change the frame of reference for all of your past experience, and you have an entirely new and expanded palette of possibility to draw from for future experiences. What you previously thought was a set reality shifts and changes into a realm of possibility. When you change your past in this way, you change your future. This is revolutionary!

Even the smallest shifts can have quantum impacts. This is because our assumptions tend to be highly connected. When you shift or obliterate one assumption, especially if it is a fundamental assumption or a core identity that shapes a whole aspect of thinking and being, you affect all of the assumptions that are related to it. You begin to break up the whole system.

When you free yourself up from fixed ideas and methods, you become more open and fluid. You no longer have preprogrammed responses or a predetermined future. Instead you respond from the moment, without influencing or restricting your present thoughts or actions based on past experiences. There are a lot of teachings about living in the present moment. It’s nearly impossible to do this when you are a prisoner to your past. You can only live in the present when the shackles of your belief systems and past experience are released.

Excerpted from From Here to Nowhere: A Spiritual Journey into the Unknown © 2019 Mu.

Mu is the author of four books about the direct path of awakening. From Here to Nowhere accelerates awakening and the deepening into full enlightenment, and is available on, CAUK, FR and DE.  Transcending the Advanced Path, a detailed exploration of the shift from realization to full enlightenment, is available on, UKCAFR and DEWalking the Advanced Path, a clear guide for how to navigate the pathway to enlightenment with responsibility, awareness, and grace, is available at, UK, CA, FR and DE. Songs for the Advanced Path is a collection of lyrical verses about the journey to liberation, available at, CAUKFR and DE.

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