New Book – Transcending the Advanced Path

Transcending the Advanced Path: Awakening Beyond Belief is the third and final book in the series on advanced practice and the pathways to enlightenment. It is an offering of advanced teachings for those on the doorstep of spiritual liberation and beyond. This book is a guide for awakening at the deepest and most subtle levels and provides a detailed exploration of the shift from realization to integrating and embodying enlightenment deeply and completely. Written as a personal communication, it is an intimate and direct transmission for becoming fully enlightened. Anyone who is open and ready will receive the empowerment of this wisdom.

“What we’re talking about here is revolutionary, because it goes against the basic blueprint of this world. It is to reject simplistic cosmologies from earlier spiritual practice and enter into a more advanced understanding of how energy and awareness work. It is to refuse to participate in the limited agreements people have in the composite dimensions we live in as humans in this universe. Becoming enlightened requires a quantum leap into another order of being.”

– Transcending the Advanced Path by Mu

Transcending the Advanced Path is available now in both print and Kindle formats on and internationally at Amazon UK, CAFR and DE.

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