Intuition is a powerful spiritual guide

On the advanced spiritual path, intuition is your powerful inner guide. Intuition tells you what next step to take even (and especially) if you can’t see the path in front of you. It is very common not to have a clear view of the way forward. On the advanced path, it’s your intention to wake up that is clear, not necessarily the path itself. You may not have clarity about the next step until the moment you need to take it.

Intuition is particularly important when you reach critical crossroads. You know you’re at a crossroad, because it’s clear that you can’t go back; the only way is forward. Sometimes you can try out the forks in the road by taking a few steps down each one to see how they feel. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t matter which way you go; often any new direction in the flow of your journey will do. This is because specific circumstances become less and less important. How you respond to circumstances and living as divinity are what matter.

You may find that crossroads are not strictly big moments of change. They are also in the small choices that are made every day. These little moments begin to add up, like a light trickle of water that combines into a rivulet that becomes a stream and eventually grows into a great force of nature.

You can tap into your intuition by seeing through the third eye, feeling with the heart, and the deep knowing of the body. Whatever form intuition takes, it brings peace. Instead of constant worrying or planning, there is trust that the correct choices will be made just in time. Suddenly, you will know what to do and when to do it exactly when that knowledge is needed. This brings a profound sense of ease and grace, as you flow with and as life.

© 2016 Mu. Excerpted from the book Walking the Advanced Path: Revelations and Reminders on the Direct Path of Awakening, available in both print and Kindle formats on and internationally at Amazon UK, CA, FR and DE.

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