Walking the Advanced Path – New Book

A new book about spiritual enlightenment has just been released!

Wordpress Book Cover Icon2Walking the Advanced Path: Revelations and Reminders on the Direct Path of Awakening is a candid manifesto of what is really required to become enlightened and a clear guide for how to navigate the journey with responsibility, awareness, and grace. In accessible and concise language, it reveals the many stages and characteristics of awakening and how to successfully traverse the inevitable spiritual pitfalls, tests, and misconceptions along the way.

Walking the Advanced Path is complementary to the first Advanced Path book. While the first book explores guideposts on the journey to liberation, the latest release covers more advanced topics and describes the path beyond liberation to full realization.

“You are a sovereign being. This doesn’t make you separate from all that is. Reality is experiencing itself as you. As a sovereign being, you have the right to wake up. You are already spiritual enough and worthy enough to know your true nature. You don’t need special permission to become enlightened, nor any blessing or initiation. Don’t seek validation for your path. The proof will be in your own journey of awakening.”

Walking the Advanced Path by Mu

Walking the Advanced Path is available now in both print and Kindle formats on Amazon.com and internationally at Amazon UK, CA, FR and DE.

Get a FREE download excerpted from the last section of the book to use as inspiration or reminders for your own journey to enlightenment.


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