Trust your gut

There is no universal roadmap on the advanced path. However, intuition is the compass that helps you find your way. Intuition is available through seeing, feeling and knowing. Through the third eye, we can see possibilities, currents of energy, and patterns. Through the heart, we can feel our way, relying on love and joy as a tuning fork for what’s correct. Through the gut, we can know at the deepest level if something, someone or some way is right.

When in doubt, trust your gut.

I recall a time when I was reminded of this as I reached a critical crossroad. My visionary seeing gave me glimpses of beautiful future potentialities, yet I asked myself, “which is the Truth?” My heart overflowed with compassion and love, but sometimes the most compassionate thing is to stop or change course. After I took a small action based on my vision and my compassion – which were very compelling – I literally threw up. My gut had the final say. It ultimately knew what was right when the vibration of that path hit me and the dissonance made me sick.

Take input from your visions and from your heart, but when the energy is not right, and you feel nauseated or woozy, listen to that. And when you have that warm, happy feeling in your belly, listen to that too. Your body is wise. Your body knows.

“Be courageous and flexible.”

Advanced Path book

© 2015 Mu. Mu is the author of the book Advanced Path: Guideposts on the Radiant Path to Liberation and Beyond, available on AmazonAmazon UK and Amazon DE.

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